The Weekly Herald and Conception-Bay General Advertiser

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The Weekly Herald published local, domestic and foreign news, shipping and fisheries news, legislative proceedings, fiction, letters, and advertisements. St. John was a Wesleyan, but promised "to promote the interests of the community at large irrespective of their religious views or political differences" (June 28, 1845) and his paper remained politically independent and nonsectarian in its views. The paper deplored the conditions of poverty and starvation in the Colony and, although opposed to strikes, acknowledged that wages were too low. In 1854, the publisher closed the paper down and departed for the United States to start a semiweekly Journal there.

This newspaper's description was sourced from Suzanne Ellison's Historical Directory of Newfoundland and Labrador Newspapers.

Dates of publication:
Nov. 2, 1842 - June 28, 1854

Issues on the DAI:
01 January 1845 - 28 June 1854

William Charles St. John

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