Called Upstairs

Called Upstairs; Moravian Inuit Music in Labrador* explores the transformation, under centuries of Inuit stewardship, of a music practice introduced by Moravian missionaries in the late 1700s. A story of adaptation and mediation, the book presents a chronicle of Inuit leadership and agency in the face of colonialism.

On this website you will find audio recordings, scores, and other musical materials discussed in the book.

Brass Bands

"Uncommon Bonds" provides access to an enormous repository of digitized archival resources related to Inuit of Labrador.
"Labrador Inuit Through Moravian Eyes" is online exhibition of Moravian archival records from Northern Labrador.
The Nunatsiavut Government website offers a wealth of information on the self-governing territory of the Inuit of Labrador.
In English "Oĸâlaĸatiget" means "people who talk with each other." The Oĸâlaĸatiget Society is the radio and television broadcaster mandated to preserve and promote the language and culture of Nunatsiavummiut.
The Moravian Music Foundation provides support and resources for researchers engaged with Moravian music.

*Called Upstairs; Moravian Inuit Music in Labrador by Tom Gordon (Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2023).
[ISBN: 978-0-2280-1677-9 (cloth); ISBN 978-0-2280-1678-6 (paper); ISBN 978-0-2280-1835-3 (ePDF)].