Chinese Community in Newfoundland

Scope and Content: The collection contains publications, government documents, images and videos about the history of the Chinese in Newfoundland from 1895 till 1990s. The publications include newspaper excerpts and magazine articles.

Dates: ca. 1895-1990s (predominantly 1895-1922)

Key dates:

  • 1895 - First two Chinese immigrants and the opening of the first Chinese laundry
  • 1906 - An Act Respecting the Immigration of Chinese Persons
  • 1918 - First Chinese-owned restaurant, European Café
  • 1922 - Wo Fen Game murder case
  • 1938 - Eng Wing Kit unsolved murder case
  • 1937-1945 - Chinese War Relief Association
  • 1949 - The Confederation of Newfoundland and Canada and the end of Chinese Head Tax

  • Highlights:
    Newfoundland Register: Arrivals and Outward Registrations
    The registrations book lists the names of Chinese immigrants who entered Newfoundland from 1910 till Confederation.
    The Last Chinese Laundry:
    Through people's personal stories in Newfoundland, such as William Ping, Au Kim Lee and Kim Hong, the video shows the history of the Chinese immigrants in Newfoundland.

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