Dr. Cluny Macpherson Notebooks

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Dr. Cluny Macpherson began, in 1936, to compile what would become two notebooks. These notebooks contain anecdotes about events that occurred in Dr. Macpherson's life, which he thought might be of interest to readers. There are also letters or copies of letters, newspaper clippings, excerpts from other people's writings, lyrics to songs, and photographs. The notebooks are available for public viewing at the Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive.

Not all pages of the notebooks have been included in the electronic version in the virtual exhibit, but they are accessible in the original notebooks. The majority of newspaper clippings and lyrics to songs, as well as a number of excerpts from other peoples' works, have been omitted due to copyright issues.

In the 'Page Description' link in the contentdm database, the transcriptions have been completed matching line for line with the original text. Any misspellings, incorrect punctuation, etc., have been followed as closely as possible so as not to alter the text in any way. When Dr. Macpherson crossed out a phrase, a word or a letter, the letter 'x' was used in the transcription. Whenever brackets were used, they are inserted. In addition, wherever Dr. Macpherson inserted a new letter, word or phrase, this has been placed in brackets as well.

Below are all issues on the DAI in PDF format:

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