Digitized Periodicals from the Centre for Newfoundland Studies


Amalgamated Regional High School Yearbook of Amalgamated Regional High School Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

The Andopian / The Shield Grand Falls Academy.

Apex Musgravetown U.C.R.H.

Beacon Published by The Pupils of Model High School.

The Central Beacon United Church Central School Bonavista.

The Claretian Published 1953 - 1989? Yearbook of St. Clare's Mercy Hospital, School of Nursing.

The Clarion Amalgamated School Lewisporte

Concept St. Francis Central High School Harbour Grace

The Corona Presentation School Convent Cathedral Square, St. John's.

Curtis Academy Magazine Published 1944-1956. The Curtis Academy's magazine contains stories, poems, and games submitted by students of the school located in St. John's, Newfoundland. Includes portraits and biographies of members of the Methodist and United Church Board of Education involved with the Curtis Academy. It opened on June 15th, 1944 and was destroyed by fire September 1975.

Driftin' West Coast Regional College of Memorial University.

The Echo Bishop Falls Amalgamated School

Flashback Carbonear Integrated School System

The Flight Gander Amalgamated School - Gander Collegiate

Focus Lewisporte Integrated Central High

Glovertonian Glovertown Regional High School

The Hilltopper College of Trades And Technology St. John's, NL.

Holy Cross Annual Student yearbook of Holy Cross Academy St. Alban's, Bay D'Espoir.

Holy Cross School Student yearbook of Holy Cross School St. John's

Horizon United Church Academy Carbonear

Inter Nos Academy of Our Lady of Mercy. (St. John's)

The Log College of Fisheries Yearbook

The Periscope Botwood United Church Regional High.

Pink Stripe Published 1947-1998? Student magazine/yearbook of the St. John's General Hospital School of Nursing.

The Port Student magazine/yearbook published by The Pupils of United Church Memorial School Botwood, Nfld.

The Portal St. James Reginal High School, Port-aux-Basques

The Quadruple Record The Salvation Army schools at Windsor, Botwood, Peterview, Point Leamington.

Spencerian Published 1921-1959 Magazine/yearbook of Bishop Spencer College, a Church of England school for girls.

United Collegiate Student yearbook of a United Church high school in St. John’s that was open from 1961-1963 before amalgamating with Prince of Wales College to become Prince of Wales Collegiate.

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The Cadet

(25 Issues) Published 1914-1924

Published 1914-1924 by the Catholic Cadet Corps. The CCC was one of the para-military youth brigades which contributed soldiers to the Newfoundland First World war effort.

Churchill Falls News

(6 Volumes) Published 1967-1973

Published weekly by Churchill Falls Labrador Corporation.

College Courier

(2 Issues) Published 1946-1947

Student newspaper of Prince of Wales College.

Colonial Commerce

(4 Issues) Published 1915-1919

Colonial Commerce is a monthly review of the activities of the Board of Trade and the economic news of Newfoundland. It was edited and published by P.K. Devine.

The Distaff

(2 Issues) Published 1916-1917

Published 1916-1917 by the Royal Gazette of St. John's was sponsored by the Women's Patriotic Association of Newfoundland (the W.P.A.). It contains much about the impact of the Great War on the home front and on women's activities during the war years.

Family Fireside

(20 Issues) Began publishing in 1924 last issue located Nov. 1958

Monthly newspaper published by Gerald S. Doyle, it carried news of the province including births, marriage and deaths.

The Federator

(9 Issues) 1953-1956

The Federation was published 4 times a year by The Newfoundland Federation of Labour.

The Gay Association in Newfoundland

(20 Issues) 1983, 1985-1986

Newsletter published by the Gay Association in Newfoundland.


(3 Issues) 1945

A quarterly magazine published by the United States Army Air Forces Air Transport Command North Atlantic Division, Stephenville NL for the Personnel of Harmon Field, it aimed to depict "all phases of life at Harmon".

Here in Newfoundland

(9 Issues) 1956-1957

Published monthly by Venture Publications St. John's NL, contains special news features, sports and women's columns, fiction and advertisements.

Published periodically by Imperial Oil Limited. This issue contains Newfoundland content.

Newfoundland Conference of the Methodist Church of Canada

MUN News

(6 Volumes) 1973-1990

Published by the Information Office, Division of Public Relations Memorial University of Newfoundland.

MUN Sports Camps Bulletin

(4 Issues) 1991-1992

Published by Memorial University School of Physical Education and Athletics.

Newfoundland Eye Opener

(2 Issues) 1964

Published every second month, Ron Pumphrey editor, contains articles, stories and advertisements.

Published by J.H. Adams, St. John's NL contains articles, poems and advertisements.

Newfoundland Fisherman

(40 Issues) 1952-1962

Published by Guardian Associates Ltd. for the Newfoundland Federation of Fishermen.

Published by the Association of Professional Engineers of Newfoundland.

Newfoundland Journal of Commerce

(280 Issues) Published 1933-1970

Monthly journal owned and published by the Newfoundland Board of Trade.

Newfoundland Logger

(16 Issues) Published 1959-08 to 1960-12

Grand Falls. Anglo-Newfoundland Development Co. : Paper Industry

Newfoundland News

(2 Issues) Published 1939?-1945?

Compiled from information received from the Department of Home Affairs at St. John's and distributed to Newfoundland Servicemen, Merchant Seamen and Foresters by the Newfoundland Trade Commissioner's office 58 Victoria Street, London, S.W.

Newfoundland Magazine

(23 Issues) Published 1917-192?

Published by E.A. Smith, St. John's, N.F. Suspended 192?-1930. Jan 1931 publication resumed under the title Newfoundland Magazine and Commercial Advertiser 1931-19?

Newfoundland Stories and Ballads

(42 Issues) Published 1954-1974

Edited and published by H. Carter, St. John's, Newfoundland.

Newfoundland Story

(15 Issues)

Quarterly magazine edited and published by Harry Carter St. John's, NL.

Newfoundland Woman

(6 Issues) 1964-1965

Published St. John's, NL by Cassie Brown, formally called "St. John's Woman".

New-land Magazine

(47 Issues) Published 1962-1990/91

Edited and published by P.J. Wakeham.

John Howard Society of Newfoundland.

Shortis Papers

(10 Issues)

Henry Francis Shortis (1855-1935) was a well-known St. John's journalist. He created volumes of hand-written articles, the originals of which are housed in the Provincial Archives, St. John's, Newfoundland. Newfoundland Premier Joseph R. Smallwood had several of the volumes transcribed and these type-written Shortis Papers are digitized here. The featured texts are mostly of an historical nature, and several are authored by people other than Shortis himself.

Sports and Pastimes in Newfoundland

(2 Issues) Published 1911?-1916?

Published by R. Dowden in December of each year. It provides information on sports and sporting events during the year as well as information on World War I enlistments, casualties and those serving in the war.

St. John's Woman

(22 Issues) 1962-1964

February and March 1962 issues published by Pumphrey Publications St. John's Ltd. all others published St. John's NL by Cassie Brown. June and July 1964 issues titled "Woman".


(39 Issues) Published 1977-2003.

TickleAce featured poetry, fiction and visual art.

Submarine Miner

(63 Issues) Published June 1954 - August 1959.

Mines and mineral resources; Bell Island; employee newsletters. General Plant News

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