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Photo is of Allan M. Fraser (9 July 1906-16 November 1969), author of History of the participation by Newfoundland in World War II. and Kathleen Mary (Kennedy) Fraser (8 December 1914-8 February 1998) aboard the SS Newfoundland, 1939. They were married at St. Michael's Oratory, Belvedere, St. John's, on 12 June 1939 and left the next day for an extended honeymoon in England, Scotland, and on the continent. They were overseas when the Second World War began and returned home in a convoy, arriving at St. John's on 15 September.

Photo courtesy Frankie O'Neill

Information on Fraser is contained in Neary and Baker's article in the Newfoundland Quarterly, Spring 2010, Vol. 102(4), pp. 12-15, 40-45

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