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The Colonist published local and foreign news, legislative proceedings, literature and advertisements. Established soon after the exclusively Protestant government of Thorburn's Reform Party came into power, the Colonist was a supporter of the Catholic population. Its stated purpose was "to uphold and maintain intact the policy and principals of the Liberal Party." (Mar. 6, 1886) Despite this mandate, the paper did not devote much space to political commentary of any kind except for expressing an opposition to Confederation, which was not a major issue at that time. The Colonist was burnt out in the Great Fire of July 1892, but returned for a short time as the Tribune in November of that year. In 1899, Bowers apparently planned to revive the Colonist and printed a prospectus for the publication in the Tribune holiday number of that year.

This newspaper's description was sourced from Suzanne Ellison's Historical Directory of Newfoundland and Labrador Newspapers.

St. John's, N. F. : Colonist Printing and Pub. Co.

Patrick R. Bowers.

Issues on the DAI:
06 Mar 1886 - 30 June 1892

Title varies:
Colonist, Mar. 6, 1886 - July 15, 1891
Newfoundland Colonist, July 18, 1891 - July 8, 1892.

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