David Francis Collection Coll-494

This collection consists of correspondence prior to David Francis' travels to Newfoundland in 1947, a diary and annotated photo album that document his time in Newfoundland including travels to and from, and reports related to David Francis' forestry work while in Newfoundland.

The photo album was retrieved from the Exmouth Recycling Centre by Dan Fishman of Venn Ottery, Devon, England, UK in the autumn of 2007. Through the editor of Journal of Apicultural Research Fishman was able to make contact with David Francis' widow Jean (Jackie) Francis in January 2008 who added related material to this collection.

In 2016 Dan Fishman donated the material to Archives and Special Collections, Memorial University via Sally Goddard. It was received by Archives and Special Collections 10 April 2017.

David Francis was born 17 March 1928 in Brecon, Wales to D. Stanley Francis, clerk and WWI veteran. Francis was married to Jean (Jackie) and they had three children, Diana, Alison, and David. After a short illness, Francis died on 4 June 2006 at the age of 78.

Francis was educated at the University College of North Wales (UCNW) in Bangor where he completed a BSc in Forestry and Botany. After university, he accepted a position in Canada conducting aerial and ground forest surveys. Following this position, Francis joined the British Colonial Service where he did similar work primarily in Ghana and also undertook a two-year secondment for post graduate study at Oxford University where he specialized in aerial surveying. He left the British Colonial Service in 1954 to join Huntings Aero Survey eventually becoming Managing Director. While in this position, he also worked as a consultant to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. In 1988, David became temporary Director of the International Beekeeping Research Association (IBRA) holding that post until 1991.

Newfoundland Trip 1947
As part of his educational program at UCNW, Francis was required to complete a practicum course related to the forestry industry. Francis' father, Stanley Francis, wrote Lord Rothermere seeking information regarding paper mills in Newfoundland as well advice on how to secure a practicum position in Newfoundland. Lord Rothermere provided Francis with support and introductions including the manager of the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Co. Mill in Grand Falls. Francis traveled to Newfoundland on board the SS North Devon and arrived at Wabana in Conception Bay Newfoundland on 19 August 1947. He worked as part of the Woods Division and documented his time in Newfoundland by keeping a diary and creating an annotated photograph album that covers his travels to and from Newfoundland and his work 7 August - 4 October 1947. Francis completed his work in Newfoundland and departed from Wabana on 22 September 1947 returning to his program of study in Wales.

Note: The majority of information contained in this biography came from an obituary published in the Journal of Apicultural Research 45(3) p. 166, (2006).

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