Early Days Exhibit - Northern Medicine and Health Conference Photographs, 1977

Early Days of the Medical School at Memorial University: Northern Medicine and Health Conference, Newfoundland and Labrador, Photographs, 1977

In 1977, Memorial University established an Institute of Northern and Labrador Studies. The Northern Medicine and Health Program was its first program. On 23-25 June 1977, Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) and the International Grenfell Association (IGA) held a conference in Corner Brook to review Health Care in the northern part of the province. In the following year, another conference was held, this time in Goose Bay, Labrador. Delegates from MUN, IGA, along with representatives of the communities of Labrador and northern Newfoundland attended. Again, it was confirmed that this program would be beneficial for the people living in the northern part of the province. Shortly after this, an international search ensued for a director for the Northern Medicine and Health Program. Dr. John R. Martin, physician and professor of Medicine (Rheumatology), Memorial University of Newfoundland, was appointed as director on 1 October 1978.

The university recommended the termination of the program effective 31 December 1984 due to a number of changes that had occurred since the program began, such as improvements in technology and expanded health care services.


Health Sciences Information and Media Service (HSIMS), Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland, kindly agreed to be a partner in the creation of this exhibit.