Early Days Exhibit - Memorial University Medical Graduates' 10th Anniversary Photographs, 1983

Early Days of the Medical School at Memorial University: Medical Graduates' 10th Anniversary Photographs, 1983

In May 1983, the Faculty of Medicine celebrated a dual milestone: the tenth anniversary of the first graduating class of M.D.s and the fifteenth anniversary of the creation of the Medical School. There were several activities over a week long period, during which several photographs were taken. The negatives for these photographs were held at the Archives and Manuscript s Division of the Queen Elizabeth II Library, which kindly lent them to be digitized. Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT), Memorial University of Newfoundland, granted permission to digitize the negatives.

Health Sciences Information and Media Service (HSIMS), Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland, kindly agreed to be a partner in the creation of this exhibit.