CITL-MUN Archive Video Collection (pre 1994)

Under its many historical forms (ETV, Continuing Studies, Extension Services, etc.), Memorial University's distance education units have a rich history of using video for education and community-based projects. Many videos have been created for television programs, documentaries, graduation ceremonies, community development and, of course, distance education. As a result, this collection represents a historical archive of these events and objects from the 1960s to mid-1990s.

Notable Sub-collections:

  • Courses - satellite series, on-campus videos
  • Lecture series - Galbraith
  • Conferences
  • Transmitter series - Fogo, Buchans, Petty Harbour
  • Television shows - ETV, atMUN
  • Decks Awash
  • Memorial affiliations - advertisements, convocations
  • Interviews - Smallwood
  • General interest - Brownies, Cadets
  • Culture/Heritage - folk festivals, fishing, sealing
  • Documentaries - Return of the Moth
  • Industry - Oil and gas, fishery
  • Fogo Process The Fogo Project is a very interesting collection of videos produced by the National Film Board of Canada and Memorial University - Extension Services which capture the social, cultural and economic aspects of life on Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador in the 1960s.
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