Early Days of Memorial University's Medical School, 1967-1979

The Faculty of Medicine Founders' Archive has created a virtual exhibit called, "The Early Days of The Medical School at Memorial University. " The Medical School opened in 1967 with the appointment of its first Dean, and then in 1969 the first students entered the medical program. The exhibit contains:

1) Textual Records, e.g., more than 400 newspaper clippings, Newfoundland Medical Association Newsletter articles, and the Faculty of Medicine section in the University Calendar;

2) Graphic Materials, e.g., photographs of Memorial University, the construction of the Health Sciences Centre, and the Official Opening of the Health Sciences Centre; and

3) Moving Images, e.g., videotapes produced in the early years of the Medical School. A chronology of events relevant to the Medical School is also highlighted.

The exhibit concentrates on the period 1967 to 1979.

The website was officially launched as a part of the 40th anniversary of Memorial University's Faculty of Medicine, 22 October 2007.