Newfoundland and Labrador Performing Arts Programs and Handbills (Coll-138)

This collection contains programs and handbills of Newfoundland and Labrador theatrical and musical productions, dance performances, benefit concerts, stand-up comedy acts, folk festivals and other performing arts events. Programs and handbills of productions coming into the province from other areas are kept if local performers are involved. Likewise, programs of productions staged outside the province are kept if they involve Newfoundland and Labrador performers, playwrights, directors, etc.

Programs are obtained in various ways: theatre companies have been asked to save copies for the Archives; staff donate programs of productions that have attended; and as collections from theatre companies and individuals are received by the Archives, sometimes the programs were removed from the collections and placed in the Performing Arts Program/Handbill Collection. While programs are physically removed from individual collections, they remain part of their fonds.

The collection will be of interest to students of visual art, graphic design as well as the performing arts and has grown into a valuable resource for academic researchers and those restaging productions.

Custodial History
The program/handbill collection is a composite collection originating from many sources including the theatre companies that produced them, the individuals who were involved in the productions, and audience members that attended them.

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The collection consists of over 5000 programs and handbills