Newfoundland Mercantile Journal

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The Newfoundland Mercantile Journal was made up almost entirely of material selected from the foreign press, advertisements, official and legal notices, and shipping news. Domestic news, including death notices, rarely filled more than half a column and dealt mainly with the activities of prominent citizens, accidents and fires. The Nov. 23, 1816 edition expressed concern over the problems of the coming winter in light of the severe poverty in the city. The Jan. 3, 1822 issue pondered the poor state of the economy, but even this sort of editorial comment was rare and problems of the Colony were given much less attention than were events abroad.

This newspaper's description was sourced from Suzanne Ellison's Historical Directory of Newfoundland and Labrador Newspapers.

Haire & Lee, Sept. 11, 1816 - May 16?, 1817
Robert Lee, May 23 - June 13, 1817
Donald M'Phee Lee, Jan. 9, 1818 - June 7, 1827

Issues on the DAI:
11 September 1816 to 07 June 1827

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