NTA Bulletin

The NTA Bulletin is the official newsletter of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association. Its first issue was published in 1954. Issues from 1996/97 can be found on the NLTA website.

Harry A. Cuff (Sept. 1964-June 1966);
Frank Galgay (1967/68);
Elizabeth Miller (1968/69-1969/79);
Lillian Bouzan (1970/71-1972/73);
H. G. Walters (Sept. 1973-Nov. 1979);
Bernice Morgan (Dec. 1979-June 1986);
Karen Humphreys Blake (Sept. 1986-June 1988);
Jennifer Doyle (Sept. 1988-Mar. 1991);
Jacqui Tam (Sept./Oct. 1991-Dec. 1995);
Lesley-Ann Brown (Mar. 1996-1999);

Title Varies:
N T A bulletin (Monthly)
Newfoundland Teachers' Association bulletin
Bulletin (Newfoundland Teachers' Association)
Bulletin (Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers' Association)

Newfoundland Teachers' Association.

monthly during the academic year (1955-1964; 1967-1972; 1979-1991);
5 times a year (1965-1966);
triweekly (1973-1974);
8 times a year (1992-1996);
7 times a year (1997-1999)

More details about this journal including a list of editors can be found in the Directory of Newfoundland and Labrador Magazines.

If you require journal issues which have not been digitized or if you have a Newfoundland / Labrador question please contact the Centre for Newfoundland Studies at cnsqeii@mun.ca

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