S.J. Carew Photograph Collection (Coll-012)

S.J. Carew Collection Coll-012

Stanley James Carew was born on Bell Island, December 31, 1914. In 1941 he joined the Faculty of Memorial University College as Head of the Engineering Department. In 1949, he was named Dean of Engineering. He served as Master of Paton College from 1967 to 1972.

Dr. Carew was involved in the design and layout of the University's new Elizabeth Avenue campus and as such watched the campus being built. His friend and colleague, Dr Hugh Anderson, owned a rather good camera and he accompanied Carew around campus photographing the whole process. Thus there are 1209 photographs in this collection of the building of MUN.

The remainder of the Carew collection consists of textual material, scrapbooks and reel to reel audiotapes. It covers the period 1950 to 1975, and deals with the history of Memorial University.