St. Patrick's Hall School Collection

The Patrician is the St. Patrick's Hall Schools' student yearbook. All grades were taught at the Schools, from Primary to High School.

The St. Patrick's Boys' School, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, began in premises on Queen's Road in 1880. In 1945, the school relocated to the Irish Christian Brothers' monastery property on the corner of Bonaventure Avenue and Merrymeeting Road. A new school was built on the monastery grounds in 1957.

The school became co-educational in 1987. In 1997 the educational system in Newfoundland and Labrador became non-denominational and St. Pat's was closed in June 1999 as part of the restructuring. The building burned to the ground in May 2003.

The Patrician yearbooks were prepared by the students, and contain portraits of faculty and students, and photos of school activities and clubs.
The Patrician 1990
The Patrician 1989
The Patrician 1987
The Patrician 1986
The Patrician 1985
The Patrician 1984
The Patrician 1983
The Patrician 1982
The Patrician 1981
The Patrician 1980
The Patrician 1979
The Patrician 1976
The Patrician 1957 - 1958

The Patrician 1930. This school sports issue was prepared by the Patrician Association and contains sports, committee and awards reports, fiction, poems, essays, and business and government advertisements.

St Patrick's Hall School Reunion 1987