Terra Nova Advocate

The Terra Nova Advocate was first and foremost "an organ and vindicator, especially in matters political, of the Catholic Population" and felt that "the Roman Catholics have at no recognized organ of the press, while newspapers abound which (practically speaking) are distinctly Protestant." (May 4, 1876). Containing the usual features of papers of the day, it was politically independent during the Carter administration. It supported Whiteway at first, but in 1885 blamed him for the religiously motivated Harbour Grace Affray. The paper developed a great animosity towards the Harbor Grace Standard during this period. The Advocate opposed the Permissive Bill which would have restricted the sale of liquor in 1885 and supported the construction of the railway. The paper campaigned for Ambrose Shea's Liberals when they opposed Thorburn's Protestant Reform Party in 1885 and five years later supported Monroe against Whiteway. The Advocate supported Confederation in 1888.

This newspaper's description was sourced from Suzanne Ellison's Historical Directory of Newfoundland and Labrador Newspapers.

Place of publication:
St. John's

Earliest issue located:
May 5, 1875 (v. 1, no. 8)

Last issue located:
June 2, 1892

Joseph English

Joseph English, May 8, 1880-June 2, 1892

John A. Rochfort, June? 1880-? (54)

Title varies:
St. John's Advertiser, May 5, 1875 - Apr. 29, 1876
Terra Nova Advocate and Political Observer, May 4, 1876 - May 5, 1880
Terra Nova Advocate, May 8, 1880 - June 2, 1892

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