World War I Artifacts (WWI) (Coll-489)

World War I Artifacts

This collection consists of: next of kin memorial plaques; medals; badges; pins; uniform items; artifacts; photographs; postcards; greeting cards; and textual items all related to the First World War. Particularly, this collection includes items related to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment; the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve; and individuals either from Newfoundland; with a connection to Newfoundland; or related to Newfoundland's involvement in the First World War.

After the war, many of those who served returned to Newfoundland and to family life. They often retained various mementos that related to their service, stayed in contact with former comrades through personal correspondence and reunions. Groups like the Great War Veteran's Association provided assistance to veterans and helped them to maintain contact with each other and to help facilitate commemoration. For those who died, these mementos were kept by family members along with other special family items.

This collection was processed and digitized with the generous support from Memorial University's WWI Commemoration Fund.

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