Title search

Title search is a faster and more accurate way to search for the title of a specific item in the DAI. As you type a word or phrase the search will narrow the results and show only titles with that phrase. It is a pattern matching search so if you type the word Don for example, you will see titles like "Group at Donovan's, wedding", "The Honourable Dr. A. Paddon" or "Abandoned building in Burnt Woods" in the title. The more you type the more the search pattern will narrow the results.

Advanced search

Advanced search allows you to search with specific fields like title, creator, or format. Select add another field to create more complex queries within multiple fields.

Once you run a search, you can also sort and filter your results using filters on the left-hand sidebar.

Full-text search

Inside records for textual items like books and journals, you can search the full-text transcript of the item. Full-text search results depend on the quality of an item's digital transcripts. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) works well for modern typefaces, but has difficulty interpreting handwriting, pale type, and old-style lettering as many of our items have, and so your search results may not accurately reflect actual content.


All items in the DAI are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

Everyone can download and print low-resolution images for personal or educational use. To download or print an individual image, click the "download" or "print" button above the image. For questions about high-quality image reproductions, contact us directly.

Archival reasearch help

Contact the sponsoring organization if you have questions about their documents or items on the DAI: