Barbara Howard, Richard Outram, and the Gauntlet Press: A Bibliography

Compiled by Amanda Jernigan, 2008

In compiling this bibliography, my aim has been to list all publicly printed or recorded works by or about Richard Outram, Barbara Howard, and the Gauntlet Press, up to the present (September 2008), along with selected privately printed works of the Gauntlet Press and related imprints. I have also included lists of public collections and exhibitions. My list does not include the Gauntlet Press’s broadside and pamphlet publications (the letterpress broadsides and pamphlets are all listed in Don McLeod’s ‘A Checklist of The Gauntlet Press, 1960-1995,’ published in DA: A Journal of the Printing Arts 44 [1999]; no list of the electronic broadsides yet exists); nor does it include Outram’s many ‘arrows’ — occasional broadsides that he issued, privately, under no imprint. In addition to the published material listed here, there is a wealth of unpublished manuscript material, personal and professional correspondence, et cetera — pertaining to both Outram and Howard — in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library of the University of Toronto (manuscript collection no. 00457). Another unpublished source that may be of interest to readers is the privately-produced video recording made of the memorial gathering ‘Celebrating Barbara and Richard’, held at the Arts & Letters Club of Toronto on 1 April 2005; speakers at the gathering included Rosemary Kilbourn, Ted Kotcheff, Alberto Manguel, and Peter Sanger. A complete program (printed by Coach House Press) and a copy of the recording (edited by Peter M. Newman) reside in the Gauntlet Press collection of the Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University.

My own list is indebted to the previous bibliographical work of Peter Sanger, Peter M. Newman, and Susan Warner Keene, as well as to Outram’s own record-keeping (his ‘Master List of Titles ...’, included in the Thomas Fisher manuscript collection, gives bibliographic information for poems of his privately and publicly printed between 1955 and 1992). I have supplemented this with my own research through the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and the Queen Elizabeth II Library; I am grateful to the staff of both institutions. Thanks, also, to Hugh Anson-Cartwright, Michael Carbert, Tim Inkster, Kim Jernigan, George Murray and Ingrid Ruthig for their input.

I hope to update this bibliography on an occasional basis as new works appear and as additional existing works come to light; I am also working to compile a list of Gauntlet Press broadsides and ephemera not listed in Don McLeod’s checklist. I would welcome correspondence on either front: Amanda Jernigan.

Finally, I would encourage readers to consult the encyclopedia entries for Outram and Howard at The entries are current and accurate as of this writing, and the Wikipedia format — which allows an entry to be collaboratively updated and maintained — is well suited to bibliography:;,_RCA.

This list last updated: 30 September 2008.




i. Books published by the Gauntlet Press
ii. Other books, broadsides and pamphlets by Richard Outram
iii. Other publications of or including work by Barbara Howard
iv.Works of Richard Outram’s appearing in periodicals and anthologies
v. Musical settings of poems by Richard Outram
vi. Public lectures by Richard Outram
vii. Exhibitions of work by Barbara Howard and/or the Gauntlet Press
viii. Collections of work by Barbara Howard and/or the Gauntlet Press


i. Books
ii. Special issues and magazine features
iii. Articles, interviews, reviews
iv. News items and obituaries
v. Memorial poems and poems dedicated to Richard Outram
vi. On-line resources


Listed, within each category, in chronological order.

i. Books published by the Gauntlet Press

Creatures. Toronto: Gauntlet Press, 1972.
Thresholds. Toronto: Gauntlet Press, 1973.
Locus. Toronto: Gauntlet Press, 1974.
Arbor. Toronto: Gauntlet Press, 1976.
Around & About the Toronto Islands. Toronto: Gauntlet Press, 1993.
And Growes to Something of Great Constancie.... Toronto: Gauntlet Press, 1994.
Peripatetics. Toronto: Gauntlet Press, 1994.
Tradecraft, and Other Uncollected Poems. Toronto: Gauntlet Press, 1994.
Eros Descending. Toronto: Gauntlet Press, 1995.
Notes on William Blake’s ‘The Tyger’.... Toronto: Gauntlet Press, 1997.
Ms Cassie. Toronto: Gauntlet Press, 2000.
Lightfall. Toronto: Gauntlet Press, 2001.

ii. Other books, broadsides and pamphlets by Richard Outram

Eight Poems. Toronto: Tortoise Press, 1959.
Exsultate, Jubilate. Toronto: Macmillan, 1966.
Scarlatti at Improvisation (pamphlet). Toronto: Aliquando Press, 1972.
Elm (broadside). Toronto: Aliquando Press, 1973.
Railway (broadside). Toronto: Aliquando Press, 1973.
Seer. With drawings by Barbara Howard. Toronto: Aliquando Press, 1973.
Seer with Window (broadside). Toronto: Aliquando Press, 1973.
Below Zero (broadside). Toronto: Aliquando Press, 1974.
Turns and Other Poems. London/Toronto: Chatto & Windus with the Hogarth Press / Anson-Cartwright Editions, 1976.
The Promise of Light. Toronto: Anson-Cartwright Editions, 1979.
Selected Poems, 1960-1980. Toronto: Exile Editions, 1984.
Man in Love. Erin, Ont.: Porcupine’s Quill, 1985.
Hiram and Jenny. Erin, Ont.: Porcupine’s Quill, 1988.
In Memory of Northrop Frye (broadside). Printed by Robert D. Denham, editor of The Northrop Frye Newsletter, in an     edition of 100 copies, for subscribers.
Mogul Recollected. Erin, Ont.: Porcupine’s Quill, 1993.
Hiram and Jenny, Unpublished Poems. Ottawa: Food for Thought Books, 1994.
Benedict Abroad. Toronto: St. Thomas Poetry Series, 1998.
Dove Legend. Erin, Ont.: Porcupine’s Quill, 2001.
Nine Shiners. Port Hope: n.p., 2003. With reproductions of paintings by Barbara Howard.
Brief Immortals. Port Hope: n.p., 2003. With reproductions of paintings by Barbara Howard.
South of North: Images of Canada. Ed. Rosemary Kilbourn and Anne Corkett. With drawings by Thoreau MacDonald. Erin,     Ont.: Porcupine’s Quill, 2007.

iii. Other publications of or including work by Barbara Howard and/or the Gauntlet Press

Twenty-Eight Drawings by Barbara Howard. Introd. Richard Outram. Toronto: Martlet Press, 1970.
Barwick, Frances Duncan, ed. Pictures from the Douglas M. Duncan Collection. Toronto: University of Toronto Press,     1975.
The Living Image. Catalogue of a three-artist exhibition at the Macdonald Gallery, Toronto, [1978?]. Introd. Richard     Outram.
Sisler, Rebecca. Passionate Spirits: A History of The Royal Canadian Academy of Arts 1880-1980. Toronto: Clarke Irwin,     1980.
The Event in the Mind: Barbara Howard, Exhibition November 1980. Introd. Rebecca Sisler, with text by Barbara Howard     and a poem (‘Lightfall’) by Richard Outram. Toronto: Prince Arthur Galleries, 1980. Published in two editions, paper     and casebound.
Brender à Brandis, Gerard, ed. The White Line: Wood Engraving in Canada Since 1945. Erin, Ont.: Porcupine’s Quill,     1990.
Horne, Alan and Guy Upjohn, eds. Fine Printing: The Private Press in Canada. Toronto: Canadian Bookbinders and Book     Artists Guild, 1995. Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, 18 April - 16 June, 1995.
Crispin and Jan Elsted, eds. End Grain: Contemporary Wood Engraving in North America. Introd. Patricia Ainslie and Paul     Ritscher. Mission, B.C.:  Barbarian Press, 1995.
Toronto in Print. Catalogue of a group exhibition at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, 1998.
Seeking Light: Last Paintings and Selected Drawings. Introd. D. E. Carter and Melanie Browne, with text by Barbara     Howard. Cobourg, Ont.: Art Gallery of Northumberland, 2006.

iv.  Works of Richard Outram’s appearing in periodicals and anthologies

(See also ‘Special issues and magazine features’ and ‘On-line resources’, below.)

‘So in a Shapelesse Flame’ (poem). Poetry 95.6 (1960): 350.
‘L’Idée Fixe’, ‘Nubile Girl’, ‘Tree with Bronze Pears’, ‘She Speaks, Softly, of Cicadas’, ‘Three Aspects of Sappho’, and     ‘In Manus Tuas’ (poems). Alphabet 2 (1961): 22-24.
‘Starlight Has Entered the Giant’s Eye’ (poem). Poetry 101.4 (1963): 255.
‘The Hunter Delirious with an Infected Wound’, ‘In Her Mirror Sinister’, and ‘Wineglass and Candelabra’ (poems).     Poetry 105.5 (1965): 300-303.
‘Breakwater’ and ‘Wake’ (poems). Thames Poetry 1.3 (1977): 52-53.
‘For All Creation Is Divine Entire’ (poem). Whale Sound. Ed. Greg Gatenby. North Vancouver, B. C.:  J. J. Douglas, 1977.     74. Paperback reproduction of a ‘limited handprinted edition’ published in the same year by Dreadnaught, Toronto.
‘Tug-of-war’, ‘Miner Phenomenological’, ‘Cancer’, ‘Imprecation’, ‘Of Holism’, ‘School in Full Sunlight’, ‘Riddler’,    ‘Chorus’, ‘Hero and Heroine’, ‘Neighbour’, ‘Intelligence of Tulips’, ‘Child’, ‘Man Lashed to Mast’, and ‘Night Vision’    (poems). The Compass 3 (1978): 63-70. The poem ‘Neighbour’ was formerly titled ‘Mad Anne’.
‘Therefore I print; nor vain my types shall be.’ Reader, Lover of Books, Lover of Heaven. Willowdale: North York Public    Library, 1978. 36.
‘The Tatooed Lady’ (poem). The Poets of Canada. Ed. J. R. Colombo. Edmonton, Alta.: 1978. 194.
‘Progress’ (poem). The Ontario Review 3 (1978): 64-65.
‘Cat Stalking’, ‘... the ruin of the State’ and ‘Turtle’ (poems). The Ontario Review 8 (1978): 19-21.
‘Nine Poems from Guise.’ The Malahat Review 48 (1978): 128-33.
‘Caterpillar on Groyne’ (poem). Toronto Life Oct. 1979: 146.
‘Language’ (poem). Language Across the Community. Toronto, Ont.: Ontario Council of Teachers of English, 1979.     Published for the Council’s Annual Fall Conference, held at the Park Plaza, October 1979.
‘Story’ (poem). To Say the Least. Ed. P. K. Page. Toronto, Ont.: Press Porcépic, 1979. 81.
‘Chessmen from Lewis’ (poem). Toronto Life Dec. 1982: 20.
‘Afternoon on the Lake’ and ‘... In a Shop Window’ (poems). Toronto Life Mar. 1983: 13, 26.
‘For All Creation Is Divine Entire’ (poem). Whales: A Celebration. Ed. Greg Gatenby. Toronto, Ont.: Prentice-Hall /    Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1983. 154.
‘Spring at the Cottage’ (poem). Canadian Literature 98 (1983): 48.
‘Tank at the Zoo’ (poem). Toronto Life Feb. 1983: 14. This poem was formerly titled ‘Display’.
‘Dr. Dolittle’ (poem). Canadian Literature  100 (1984): 248-49.
‘The Moon’ (poem), by Jorge Luis Borges. Trans. Richard Outram. Books in Canada Aug./Sept. 1984: 17.
[On Ernest Buckler and George Whalley] (brief note by Outram in a feature by Alberto Manguel, ‘Books You Must Read ...’). Globe and Mail 21 Apr. 1984.
‘Dr. Millmoss Recovered’ (poem). Toronto Life Dec. 1984: 44.
‘Round of Life’,  ‘Gravity’, ‘Treehouse’, ‘Spider in Doorway’ and ‘Gale’ (poems). Exile 10.1 (1985): 73-77.
‘Sherlock Holmes’ (poem),by Jorge Luis Borges. Trans. Richard Outram. Descant 51 (1985/86): 10-11.
‘Herrings’ (poem). Descant 51 (1985/86): 156.
‘Against the Inconsequence of Men’s Taste ...’ (poem), by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Trans. Richard Outram. Other     Fires: Short Fiction by Latin American Women. Ed. Alberto Manguel. Toronto: Lester & Orpen Dennys, 1986. 5. The     poem appears in Manguel’s introduction.
‘Around and About’, ‘My Grandmother’, ‘Barbed Wire’, ‘Remark’ and ‘Full Circle’ (poems). Exile 12.2 (1987): 116-20.
‘A constant disrepair’ (review of Raymond Carver’s Where I’m Calling From). Globe and Mail 2 July 1988.
‘Vox Populi’ (review of the Collins COBUILD English Language Dictionary). Saturday Night  104.3 (1989): 73-74.
‘A writer’s final poetic “shapings”’ (review of Raymond Carver’s A New Path to the Waterfall). Globe and Mail 8 Apr.     1989.
‘Young Man Enmeshed’, ‘Bittersweet’, ‘Infant’, ‘Vocations’ and ‘Other’ (poems). Christian Poetry in Canada. Ed. David    A. Kent. Toronto, Ont.: ECW Press, 1989. 179-83. Erratum: The last line of the poem ‘Infant’ was inadvertently cut     off.
‘Stage Crew’ (poem). Take One (CBC house magazine) 5.9 (1990): 2. This poem was formerly titled ‘What, and Leave    Show Biz?’
‘Tradecraft’ and ‘The Flight Out of Egypt’ (poems). Soho Square III. Ed. Alberto Manguel. London: Bloomsbury, 1990.     38-44, 46-7.
‘Gramp’ (poem). Saturday Night. 106.10 (1991): 65.
‘In Memory of Northrop Frye’ (poem). Globe and Mail 16 Feb. 1991: C16.
‘In Memory of Northrop Frye’ (poem). Vic Report 19.3 (1991): 3.
‘Sophia’ (poem). Main Street 1.1 (1991): 11. A publication of the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival. Erratum: ‘[T]here should     have been a space before and after each of the three ampersands.’
‘Aftermath of a Conversation’ (poem). News from a Foreign Country Came, by Alberto Manguel. London: HarperCollins,    1991. Outram’s poem appears in the prelims.
‘Frightening attack on the imagination’ (letter to the editor). Globe and Mail 28 Mar. 1992.
‘A man of too many letters’ (review of Churchill the Writer: His Life as a Man of Letters). Globe and Mail 24 Oct. 1992.
‘My father: Lest I forget’ (brief essay) and ‘Cenotaph’ (poem). Globe and Mail 11 Nov. 1992.
‘Round of Life’ (poem). Exile 16.4 (1992): 452.
‘Charm for Martha’ (poem). Literature in English. Ed. W. H. New and W. E. Messenger. Scarborough, Ont.: Prentice    Hall, 1993. 1449.
‘Catastrophe’ (poem). Toronto Star 5 Mar. 1994: J9.
‘Philosopher’ and ‘Now That the Gods ...’ (poems). Carousel 11 (1996): 126-29.
‘Stared Down (Ile de la maison)’(poem). Literary Review of Canada  5.10 (1996): 14.
‘Informal Portrait’, ‘The Price of Admission’ and ‘Sodbuster’ (poems). paperplates 1.2 ([1996?]): 53-54.
‘Bellowing in the face of death’ (review of Saul Bellow’s The Actual). Ottawa Citizen 20 July 1997: M10.
‘A life’s work ...’ (review of P. K. Page’s The Hidden Room: Collected Poems). Ottawa Citizen 21 Sept. 1997: M17.
[On The Hidden Room ..., by P. K. Page] (brief note in ‘Recently Recommended’). Ottawa Citizen 5 Oct. 1997: E8.
‘Disrepair’, ‘A Life in the Day of Mr Joy’, ‘Lines for the Dominion Observatory Time Signal’ and ‘That Solipsism is the     Last Refuge of the Loveless’ (poems). Carousel 12 (1998): 112-17.
‘Group of Seven (Thousand)’ (poem, reproduced in broadside setting). Canadian Notes & Queries 54 (1998): 8.
‘Mamet on man and Mamet’ (review of Jafsie and John Henry: Essays by David Mamet). Ottawa Citizen 4 July 1999:    C14.
‘Port Hope Garden’ (poem, reproduced in broadside setting). Canadian Notes & Queries 57 (2000): 29.
‘The Sleeping Giant’ (poem, reproduced in broadside setting). Canadian Notes & Queries 58 (2000): 32.
‘George Murray’ (introd. to a gathering of Murray’s poems). Introductions: Poets Present Poets. Ed. Evan      Jones.Markham, Ont.: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2001. 59.
‘Barbed Wire’ (poem). Books in Canada 31.2 (2002): 31.
‘But the ongoing has its hook in us’ (brief essay on the work of George Johnston). Canadian Notes & Queries 66    (2004/05): 14.
‘Tourist Stricken at the Uffizi’ and ‘Round of Life’ (poems). In Fine Form: The Canadian Book of Form Poetry. Ed. Kate     Braid and Sandy Shreve. Vancouver, B.C.: Polestar/Raincoast Books, 2005. 65, 231.
‘Poems by Charles Baudelaire, English Versions by Richard Outram’. Canadian Notes & Queries 73 (2008): 29-32. Fourteen poems from Les fleurs du mal, translated by Richard Outram (introd. Amanda Jernigan; see ‘Articles,     interviews, reviews’, below, for details). The poems are: ‘Correspondences’, ‘Harmony of Evening’, ‘A Former Life’,     ‘The Albatross’, ‘The Complaint of Icarus’, ‘The Giantess’, ‘Exotic Scents’, ‘To the Reader’, ‘Don Juan in Hell’, ‘The     Flawed Bell’, ‘Gypsies on the Road’, ‘Man and the Sea’, ‘The Enemy’ and ‘Misfortune’. Errata: The second-last line     of Outram’s version of ‘Correspondences’ should read ‘Like unto amber or benjamin, musk or joss’ (‘of’ is Outram’s     typo). The eighth line of Outram’s version of ‘Don Juan in Hell’ should read ‘A long and lowing herd behind him     wound.’ (‘heard’ is Jernigan’s typo).
‘Remembrance of Betty E’ (poem). Jailbreaks: 99 Canadian Sonnets. Ed. Zachariah Wells. Emeryville, Ont.: Biblioasis,     2008. 75.
‘Turtle’ (poem). Open Wide a Wilderness: Canadian Nature Poems. Ed. Nancy Holmes. Introd. Don McKay. Waterloo,     Ont.: Wilfred Laurier UP, forthcoming (Dec. 2008).

v. Musical settings of poems by Richard Outram

South of North (song cycle), set for baritone/mezzo soprano and piano by Srul Irving Glick; includes the poems     ‘Wilderness on Centre Island’, ‘Vane’, ‘Grace’, ‘Northern River Falls’, ‘Privity’, ‘Stripe’, ‘Congregation at the     Shoreline’, and ‘Windmill’. The cycle was commissioned by the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto to celebrate the     Club’s Ninetieth Anniversary. It was premiered at the Arts and Letters Club on 6 Dec. 1998, performed by James     Westman (baritone) and Albert Krywold (piano). It was later recorded in performance at the Great Hall, Hart House     (Toronto), by Valerie Sirén (soprano) and Cecilia Ignatieff (piano), October 1999. This recording appears on the     Doremi CD Toward the Sun (DDR-71136).
Spinnaker, a setting of the poem of that title from The Promise of Light, done by composer Roger Bergs at the behest of     Rosemary and Hilary Kilbourn, in memory of William Kilbourn. Premiered as part of The Toronto Songbook, a     collection of five songs by five Toronto composers, 30 April 2000, in the concert Toronto, A Musical Century (for     details, see

vi. Lectures by Richard Outram

(Available in typescript in ms. coll. 00457 of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, and/or in the reading room of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto.)

An Exercise in Exegesis. Toronto: Arts & Letters Club, 1992.
Corrections to the Cave. Toronto: Arts & Letters Club, 1992.
Divers Arrows. Toronto: Arts & Letters Club, 1995.
Notes on William Blake’s ‘The Tyger’. Toronto: Arts & Letters Club, 1997. (Published as a monograph by the Gauntlet     Press — see ‘Books published by the Gauntlet Press’, above.)
Stardust. Toronto: Arts & Letters Club, 1998.
Arrows of Desire. Toronto: Hart House, 2000.
Arrows of Desire (a revised version of the above). Toronto: Arts & Letters Club, 2001.
Swann: A Literary Mystery (a brief talk on Carol Shields’ book of that title, and on the poems included therein; no place     or date of talk given [2001?]).
Rage & Outrage: Poetry & the Media. Toronto: Arts & Letters Club, 2002. (Published in The New Quarterly 89 (2004) —     see ‘Special issues and magazine features’, below.)
Poetic Practice. Toronto: Arts & Letters Club, 2003. (Published on-line by George Murray of Bookninja — see ‘On-line     resources’, below.)

vii. Exhibitions of work by Barbara Howard and/or the Gauntlet Press


Picture Loan Society, Toronto, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1965.
Wells Gallery, Ottawa, 1966, 1982, 1984.
Fleet Gallery, Winnipeg, 1966.
Victoria College, Toronto, 1966.
Sisler Gallery, Toronto, 1974, 1976.
Hart House, University of Toronto, 1975.
The Event in the Mind. Prince Arthur Galleries, Toronto, 1980; catalogue (see ‘Other publications of or including work by     Barbara Howard ...’ for details).
Yaneff Gallery, Toronto, 1983.
Massey College, Toronto, 1984.
Latcham Gallery, Stouffville, 1985.
O’Keefe Centre, Toronto, 1986.
National Library of Canada, 1986.
University College, Toronto, 1987.
Georgetown Library and Cultural Centre, 1988.
Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, 1993.
Victoria Library, University of Toronto, 1995.
Robarts Library, University of Toronto, 1999.
Upstairs Gallery, Art Gallery of Northumberland, Cobourg, 2003.
Seeking Light: Last Paintings & Selected Drawings. Art Gallery of Northumberland, Cobourg, 2006; catalogue (see ‘Other     publications of or including work by Barbara Howard ...’ for details).
The Gauntlet Press of Richard Outram and Barbara Howard. Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University; St.     John's, NL; 2008.


Ontario Society of Artists, 1958, 1959.
Women’s Committee, Art Gallery of Ontario, 1958, 1969.
Douglas Duncan Collection. Victoria College, Toronto, 1962.
Toronto Collects. Art Gallery of Ontario, 1961.
Women Artists. Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, 1961.
Canadian Artists. Eaton’s College Street, Toronto, 1961.
Canadian Society of Graphic Arts, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1963.
National Home Show, 1960, 1961, 1962.
C.U.S.A.C. Travelling Show, Hart House, 1958-59.
Women’s Committee, London Art Gallery, 1962.
Canadian Watercolours, Drawings & Prints. National Gallery of Canada, 1966.
Douglas Duncan Collection. Windsor, London, Hamilton, 1967.
Drawings and Sculpture. Art Gallery of Ontario, 1976.
The Living Image (three-artist exhibition). Macdonald Gallery, Toronto, [1978]; catalogue (see ‘Other publications of or     including work by Barbara Howard ...’ for details).
R.C.A. Centennial Contemporary Exhibition, Toronto, 1980.
Inaugural Exhibition. Academy House, R.C.A., Toronto, 1987-88.
Art Under Fire. Academy House, R.C.A., Toronto, 1988.
Fine Printing: The Private Press in Canada. Travelling exhibition: Toronto, Fredericton, Calgary, Grimsby, Saskatoon, Brandon, Pointe Claire, Halifax, Saint John, 1995-97; catalogue (see ‘Other publications of or including work by Barbara     Howard ...’ for details).
Women and Texts, University of Leeds, 1997 (curated by Special Collections, University of Calgary); catalogue (see     ‘On-line resources’ for details).
Toronto in Print. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto, 1998; catalogue (see ‘Other publications of or     including work by Barbara Howard ...’ for details).

viii. Collections of Work by Barbara Howard and/or the Gauntlet Press


National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
Art Gallery of Hamilton
Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Ont.
Windsor Art Gallery
Art Gallery of Northumberland, Cobourg, Ont.
Museum London
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, B.C.
Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant
Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Ont.
Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery
Rodman Hall, St. Catharines
Province of Ontario Collection


Mingan Island Cetacean Study (M.I.C.S.), Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan, Quèbec
Esso Resources
Pan-Canadian Petroleum
Northern Telecom
Citibank Canada
Canadian Tire Corporation
Mary Kay Cosmetics


National Library of Canada, Ottawa
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto
Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University; St. John’s, N.L.
Bruce Peel Special Collections Library, University of Alberta
University of British Columbia Library, Vancouver, B.C.
University of Western Ontario, London, Ont.
MILLS Research Collections, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont.
Special Collections, University of Calgary, Alberta
Berg Collection, New York Public Library
Harris Collection of Poetry and Plays, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
Special Collections, University at Buffalo, New York
Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Bodleian Library, Oxford, England
British Library, London, England


Listed, within each category, in alphabetical order (by author’s last name, or in the case of web or magazine features, by the name of the site or magazine). I have included any article or review that addresses Outram’s and/or Howard’s work in a substantial way; I have also included selected news items. I have not included newswire items, or listings (brief notices re. readings or exhibitions), nor have I included passing mentions of Outram and Howard in reviews of works by other authors (see in particular reviews of Alberto Manguel’s Into the Looking Glass Wood and Carmine Starnino’s A Lover’s Quarrel, both of which include essays on Outram’s poetry).

i. Books

Keith, W. J. Canadian Literature in English.Vol. 2. Rev. ed. Erin, Ont.: Porcupine’s Quill, 2006. 93-94, 179. Includes a    short section on Outram’s work, plus suggestions for further reading.
McBurney, Margaret. The Great Adventure: 100 Years at the Arts and Letters Club. Toronto: Arts & Letters Club, 2007.    Outram and Howard, both members of the club from the early nineties onward, figure prominently in this centenary    volume. Includes essays on literature at the Club, by Ernest Sirluck and Brian Parker, and on painting at the Club, by     Margaret Crawford Maloney.
Ruthig, Ingrid, ed. Richard Outram: Essays on His Work. Writers Series. Toronto: Guernica Editions, forthcoming     (2009). Slated to comprise: ‘Introduction: Walking Unfamiliar Roads Barefoot’, by Ingrid Ruthig; ‘Faith and     Resilience: An Interview with Richard Outram’ by Michael Carbert (originally published in The New Quarterly 89; see     below); ‘The Richard Outram / Northrop Frye Connection’, by Robert D. Denham; ‘Writing Beyond The Self: The     Poet’s Regenerative Voice,’ by Ingrid Ruthig; ‘Ellipses and Interstices’, by Zachariah Wells; ‘Sequence and Personae’,     by Amanda Jernigan; ‘O Were This Animal World Otherwise Narrated: Mogul Recollected Through Six Questions’, by     Brian Bartlett; ‘Mosquitoes in Eden: Myth and Eros in Dove Legend’, by Eric Ormsby; ‘The Gauntlet Mandala’, by     Jeffery Donaldson; ‘Outram Lake’ (poem, originally published in The New Quarterly 105; see below), by Steven     Heighton; ‘“Of Death and Bright Entanglement and Troth” and Outram’s Last Poems’, by Peter Sanger; ‘An Exercise     in Exegesis’, by Richard Outram (text of a lecture given at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto in 1991, see above).     Also to include a brief biography of Outram and a bibliography of his published work.
Sanger, Peter. ‘Her Kindled Shadow ...’.: An Introduction to the Work of Richard Outram. Antigonish, N.S.: Antigonish     Review, 2001; rev. ed., 2002. The seminal book on Richard Outram’s work, Sanger’s volume also functions as a kind     of anthology, quoting in full many of the poems it addresses; forthcoming in a new, revised edition from the     Gaspereau Press (see below).
Sanger, Peter. Through Darkling Air: The Poetry of Richard Outram. Kentville, N. S.: Gaspereau Press, forthcoming     (2009). A revised and significantly expanded edition of ‘Her Kindled Shadow ....’

ii. Special issues and magazine features

The Antigonish Review 125 (2001). A feature on Richard Outram’s work, comprising Peter Sanger’s ‘Richard Outram: A     Preface’ and twenty poems by Outram. This feature was later revised and republished as Richard Outram: A Preface     and Selection, with a (corrected) cover image by Barbara Howard (The Antigonish Review Occasional Paper Number 3;     Antigonish, N.S., 2001).Sanger’s preface is also now accessible on line (see ‘On-line resources’, below, for details).
Canadian Notes & Queries 63 (2003). A special issue on the work of Richard Outram. Guest ed. Michael Carbert.     Comprising: William Blissett, ‘Collecting Gauntlets’; Terry Griggs, ‘Wordman’; Amanda Jernigan, ‘Hiram on the     Night Shore’; Guy Davenport, ‘Entropy’; W. J. Keith, ‘Outram’s “Stage Crew”’; David Solway, ‘Reading Richard     Outram’; Caroline Adderson, ‘Mogul Recollected’; Michael Darling, ‘A Chance Encounter with Richard Outram’; Eric     Ormsby, ‘Banjo Music’; Jeffery Donaldson, ‘Encounters and Recollections in the Art of Barbara Howard and Richard     Outram’; Carmine Starnino, ‘The Other Outram’; Peter Sanger, ‘A Word Still Dwelling’.The issue reprints in full the     following poems of Outram’s: ‘Watchers’, ‘Hiram on the Night Shore’, ‘Entropy’, ‘Stage Crew’, ‘Chance Encounter’     and ‘Hiram with Banjo’.
DA: A Journal of the Printing Arts 44 (1999). A special issue on the Gauntlet Press, guest ed. Alan Horne. Comprising:     Alan Horne, ‘Editorial’; Richard Outram, ‘A Brief History of Time at The Gauntlet Press (Or, Some Days the Earth     Moved)’; Barbara Howard, ‘A Painter Pressed into the Service of Poetry’; Donald W. McLeod, ‘A Checklist of The     Gauntlet Press, 1960-1995’.
The New Quarterly 21.4 (2001/02): 18-25. A feature on Richard Outram’s work, comprising Peter Sanger’s introduction,     ‘The Sounding Light: Richard Outram and Barbara Howard’, and reproductions of four electronic broadsides: ‘The     Distinguished Thing’, ‘Rude Words We Hear at Random’, ‘Prisoner’ and ‘Aubade’.
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iv. News items and obituaries

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v. On-line resources

The Antigonish Review. An on-line version of Peter Sanger’s ‘Richard Outram: A Preface’ from issue no. 125 /     Occasional Paper no. 3:
Arc Poetry Magazine. ‘How Poems Work.’ This ongoing series on poetics includes brief essays on Outram’s poems     ‘Story’ and ‘Barbed Wire’, by Amanda Jernigan and Zachariah Wells, respectively:;
Barbara Howard’s Unfolding Visual World. A beautiful, comprehensive and up-to-date web site devoted to the work of     Barbara Howard. It was created for Barbara Howard by Fabrika Designs, and is currently maintained by Howard’s     estate:
Bookninja. Bookninja editor George Murray maintains an archived link to Outram’s ‘Poetic Practice’, a lecture delivered     at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto in 2003:;, see also Murray’s memorial posting for Outram, ‘A giant of Canadian poetry is gone’ (Jan. 2005):
The Drunken Boat, ‘Poetry from Canada’, ed. George Murray (spring, 2001). Includes three poems by Outram (‘The     History of England from the Accession of Queen Amanda’; ‘Prisoner’; ‘Narcissus Skinny-Dipping’):
The Gauntlet Press of Richard Outram and Barbara Howard. A web site hosted and maintained by the Queen Elizabeth II     Library, Memorial University, in association with an ongoing digital exhibition of Gauntlet Press works from the     library’s collection. The site includes links to a brief history of the Gauntlet Press, and to a note about the printing     and typography of the Gauntlet-Press work Ms Cassie (history and note by Amanda Jernigan). It also includes links to     this bibliography, to the library’s digital exhibition, and to an audio file of Michael Enright’s interview with Outram:
The Porcupine’s Quill. Outram’s publisher maintains a web site which includes a digital exhibition of selected     broadsides from the Ms Cassie series, as well as a link to a (now outdated) author bio., and to pages about Outram’s     Porcupine’s-Quill books:
Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Includes current and accurate entries for both Outram and Howard:;,_RCA.
Women and Texts. The on-line catalogue for an exhibition curated by Special Collections, University of Calgary, at the     University of Leeds, 1997: