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The St. John's Daily News carried foreign and domestic news, advertisements, and legislative proceedings. Strongly Conservative, the Daily News was a supporter of the rights of the Protestant population. Co-publisher Francis Winton left the paper over growing political differences with his brother Robert and founded a rival paper, the Day-Book. The Daily News supported Hoyles and the Reform Party and opposed Parsons, Kent and Responsible Government. The paper supported the Carter-Shea Administration and was strongly in favour of Confederation. It opposed Charles Fox Bennett's anti-Confederates who defeated Carter in 1869. The main opponents of the News were, at first, the Newfoundlander, Patriot, Express, and Day-Book, and its successor, the Morning Chronicle and, later, the Courier. The St. John's Daily News was suspended for two years and reemerged in 1872 as the St. John's News, later known as the North Star.

This newspaper's description was sourced from Suzanne Ellison's Historical Directory of Newfoundland and Labrador Newspapers.

Began publication:
Aug. 27, 1860

Last issue located:
July 21, 1870

Suspended publication:
Aug. 28 - Nov. 11, 1867

Place of publication:
St. John's

Daily (except Sunday), Aug. 27, 1860 - Jan. 1867
3 per week, Feb. 1867 - July 21, 1870

Robert Winton, Aug. 27, 1860 - Oct. 24, 1860
Robert and Francis Winton, Oct. 25, 1860 - Apr. 19, 1861
Robert Winton, Apr. 20, 1861 - July 21, 1870

Issues on the DAI:
27 August 1860 to 21 July 1870

Title varies:
St. John's Daily News and Newfoundland Journal of Commerce, Aug. 27, 1860 - Nov. 9, 1864
St. John's Daily News, Nov. 16, 1864 - July 21, 1870

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